Big Bear Bistro
Vail, Colorado

BIG BEAR BISTRO MENU    Phone: 970.445.1007

Après Menu

Crêpes                                            $8

  1. nutella and banana

  2. strawberries and chocolate

  3. cinnamon and sugar

  4. black forest ham, swiss and honey mustard

  5. roast beef and bleu cheese with
    horseradish aioli

  6. peanut butter and jelly

Flatbreads                                      $10

  1. tomatoes, pesto, goat cheese topped with honey balsamic reduction

  2. prosciutto, mozzarella, basil and balsamic reduction

Cheese plates

  1. 1 cheese $4

  2. 2 cheeses $8

  3. 3 cheeses $12

served with bread and apple slices

Charcuterie plate                           $15
served with bread and cornichons

Guacamole                                     $7
made fresh, served on the half-shell with chips

Hummus                                         $6
served with bagel chips

Mixed Country Olives                    $5

Quesadillas                                     $8

  1. cheese and tomato

  2. caramelized onion and mozzarella

served with salsa, jalapeño and sour cream

We also offer a fine selection of Microbrews, Imported and Domestic beers, wines and bubblies.